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Anyone! TV, film, photographers, non-profits, corporate events, private events, restaurants, school boards, stagers. You name it!
1st Week: List Price
2nd Week: 50% Discount (To List Price)
3rd Week: 50% Discount (To List Price)
4th Week: FREE    (Woo Hoo!)

5th Week: 70% Discount (To List Price)
6th Week: 70% Discount (To List Price)
7th Week: 70% Discount (To List Price)
8th Week: FREE

9th Week: 75% Discount (To List Price)
10th Week: 75% Discount (To List Price)
11th Week: 75% Discount (To List Price)
12th Week: FREE

Then the 9th - 12th week pricing cycle repeats

Let’s say you’d like to rent a chair for 4 weeks, and the listed price of the chair is $100/week.

1st Week $100 + 2nd Week $50 + 3rd Week $50 + 4th Week FREE = Total $200

Still not clear? Give us a call: (905) 848-4848.
No, prices are not firm. We apply extra discounts for particular institutions.
For a quote please submit your order online with the words “Discount Request” along with a phone # in the notes section. A Decades representative will follow up for more information. 
We accept cash, cheque, credit card (Including Amex), debit, and e-transfer.
Absolutely. There are no “Rush” fees applied.
Minor touch-ups are ok. Anything further requires written consent from a manager.
A minimum $50 charge is applied if the item needs to be re-photographed for the online catalogue. 
Communication is key here. We request that you inform us at your earliest convenience. Damage / replacement fees are charged at the discretion of the Rentals Manager. If the damage is significant enough that the item must be re-photographed (for the online catalogue) a minimum $50 charge is applied in addition to repair costs. 
For the most part we do not. If there is a particular item you’re interested in purchasing Please contact us with the barcode.
Yes, we have both loading dock access as well as ground level loading. 
Yes, we have people available to assist with loading.
Yes, we do ship items. Please contact us for more information.
Absolutely. We’re always looking for new pieces.  Please forward as many images as possible along with any important information:
General@decadesprop.com .
 Barcodes should only be removed with consent from a Decades manager. Barcodes removed without consent are subject to a $50 charge.